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Michael Peschel

Founding Partner

Mike is responsible for the oversight of our investment policy and management of our discretionary investment models, outside investment manager due diligence, and trading. With a private client focus on the small to medium-sized business owner approaching retirement, Mike provides unbiased, objective investment advice tailored to help mitigate volatility and risk exposure. His highly disciplined approach to investment and business management allows him to create, implement and manage a personalized financial strategy action plan fostering confidence, clarity and structure in the investment process.

Personally, Mike is a member of both the Texas Tech Alumni and Sigma Phi Epsilon Alumni Associations. He is also an avid and active supporter of various nonprofit organizations providing help and support to our military veterans. Mike lives in Argyle, Texas, with his wife, Kerri, and their two sons, Hayden and Grayson, and is a parishioner of St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Denton, Texas.

Mike’s favorite things to enjoy in Dallas

  • Watching or coaching his boys in all their sports activities
  • Heading to the ranch to spend time outside and with family and friends


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